When you need alittle ‘ME’ time.

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One of the greatest things I coulda ever done was get professionally certified for my nail technician course! I’ve always had my nails done, but spending $50 plus dollars every month got to be alittle much. So I just did it, I got certified! I had a nail salon in our old home, but not here in BC. Now I just do my own nails & it brings such balance to my life, sometimes living with 4 men my mind just spins. I need ‘me’ time. I usually watch a tv episode I haven’t got to watch yet, cause heaven forbid they watch something I wanna watch. But that’s okay, gives me an excuse to hang downstairs & drink my coffee, & only have to listen too a show I’ve been waiting to watch, a place where my mind isn’t just listening to ‘mens’ work talk all night. It’s wonderful.

So my ‘ME’ time that I get every month is the best! I’m not spending tons of money to make me feel & look beautiful, & most importantly I get to reset. Ahhh 💅🏻

Take the ‘YOU’ time ladies, it’s worth it! Whatever it might be for you.

#thelifeofaloggerswife        -B



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