Hello & welcome to my blog about, the life of a loggers wife. Let me introduce myself- my name is B, I am 23 years old, & im currently living in Mackenzie, BC. Canada.

& this is where I begin to tell my story.

My boyfriend & I have been together for over 4 years & we have two ‘fur’ babies together- Jaxson, who is a bordercollie & little miss Lucy, who is a miniature dashhound.

We moved to BC just this past year, we recently lived in Alberta where Austin (my boyfriend) worked oilfield & I worked as a manager in retail. As the oilfield began to slow down, it was time for us to make a change. My family lives in BC where my two older brothers own their own logging company, & business is blooming, so therefore where’s a better place to move too? So that’s what we did. We left our current jobs, rented out our home, put all of our furniture & home decor in storage & only brought our bedroom furniture, clothes & daily essentials with us. My brothers have a camp house where we now all love together, Austin & I get the basement (which is nice) & they stay upstairs. There is also another employee who lives with us also, so yup 4 men & me under one roof, I know it sounds crazy but it just works.

Austin works for my brothers as their log truck driver & my brothers also own 2 mechanical tree faller bunchers. I currently don’t work a fulltime job here, I do office work with our mother, who is the Business bookkeeper. & then my other daily “jobs” include cleaning up after 4 men, making dinner, lunches & pretty much just hang out & listen to their oh so exciting work stories from the day. ūüėÖ

Shorty after moving here, Austin pooped the question & asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes!!! & we couldn’t be more excited !

Im here to share with you all the daily life ¬†challenges, sacrifices & rewarding/joyful moments that comes along with the move & choices we’ve made!

The most important things to me is Family, my fiancé, our two fur babies, god & growing our life together.

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